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CF Daily

A free app designed especially for people with cystic fibrosis (CF) to help manage their treatment routines.

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Help stay on track
with treatment routines.

CFDaily is an easy, informative, and engaging way to help you organize your treatments and stay on track, right from your iPhone®.

Set treatment routines.

You can input your treatments and other activities such as exercising and eating, and group them into routines. You can also schedule alerts to remind yourself to do them.

Track how you're doing.

See how you're doing with your routines and treatments.
You can share this information with your CF Center care team at your next appointment.

Get tips on organization, nutrition, and exercise.

Earn points and badges.

Get recognition for all your hard work! The more you use CFDaily, the more points and badges you can earn.

Take the first step.

Download CFDaily now.

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